Coaches need coaches too… What I’ve been up to.

I’ve had the pure pleasure of working with Meg as a coach for the past 6 months.

Yes, coaches need coaches too.

And I have set out to do something I’ve never done before… write a book.

I definitely need a coach for this one.

I found Meg through one of her many totally kickass podcast interviews. This one started it all and then of course I HAD to find more… then I just HAD to work with her. Uh-Mazing.

Some of her quotes that really hooked me were:

“…the depth of understanding that life is never easy.

That life is never comfortable.

You will never be brave without fear.

You will never have success without failures.

You will never not suffer… can life get easier?

Sure… but with every single things, comes a new set of challenges… and if you are on this path of being a ‘seeker’, BUCKLE UP MAN…

And sometimes go lay down because if you are going to continually push edges, you’re continually inviting new, deeper, more profound set of challenges to your plate.”


“There’s great depth of understanding that comes from the process of being hollowed out with grief.”

Now you may not be planning to author a book, but I’m guessing that if this resonated with you, you are at least a little introverted and find holiday gatherings challenging if not downright painful at times.

If this sounds like you, you are not “antisocial” or selfish, or pretentious, or any of those other negative things the pushiest of extroverts like to call us when they don’t understand our need to recharge.

The holidays have always been a challenge for me because they come with deadlines, pressures, loads of temptation, and yes, social engagements that leave little time to recharge.

Meg and I spend a lot of time discussing how the needs of “outgoing introverts” can be met, and she is even offering this incredible holiday how-to for all introverts, martyrs, + nerds: this is where we (don’t actually) hang out for the holidays! Check it out:

Meg Banner

If you read Meg’s guest blog post, “Liking exercise when you really don’t,” you get a feel for her coaching philosophy.