Fat Leads to Inflammation, Inflammation Leads to Fat; It’s a Cycle.


Cell-to-Cell Communication…Not Your Phone!

I’m not referring to your cell phone, but rather the cells inside your body.

Everything that goes on in your body is based on cell-to-cell communication, therefore, you want to provide strong healthy cells.

When you have inflammation in your body (note: fat leads to inflammation, inflammation leads to fat; it’s a cycle), your cellular health and its functions are effected, resulting in imbalances.

When you think about promoting strong healthy cells, know that quality fat promotes cellular integrity and adequate water leads to plump healthy cells; think grapes vs. raisins!

To support a healthy life, you should focus on sending your body a strong healthy message, rather than one of inflammation, each time you eat.


  • Opting for organic canola oil vs. vegetable oil
  • Dipping veggies in guacamole rather than processed ranch dressing
  • Topping your veggies with grass-fed butter (i.e. Kerrygold) in place of margarine or whipped butters that use ingredients you can’t recognize
  • Flavoring your water with fresh herbs
  • Adding one capful of 100% fruit juice to your water
  • Using a larger glass (I use a 32oz mason jar) to prompt you to drink more water

Fight inflammation with your fork…and eat (quality) fat!

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