Stop Chasing Skinny Episode #63

Beginner’s Guide to Pilates with Angela Buzan

If you are like me, you have heard of pilates and maybe you have taken a class or own those Winsor Pilates DVDs (totally dating myself there!), but beyond that you aren’t sure about what to look for in a pilates studio or what to look for in a pilates instructor. Angela is a good friend of mine and a professional pilates instructor. She was a professional ballerina for several years before becoming a pilates instructor. Take a listen to see if pilates is for you and how you can benefit from pilates.

Episode Topics:

☀️  How can pilates help in daily life and in sport?

☀️  What is the difference between the various types of pilates?

☀️  How to choose a pilates instructor or class.

☀️  Injury recovery using pilates.

☀️  How long before I see results from pilates?

☀️  Pilates for new moms.

☀️  Can pilates help with pelvic floor strength?

☀️  How can runners benefit from pilates?

☀️  San Diego Pilates

☀️  How can we find more information about you and your home studio?