Teen years are usually marked by lots of curiosity, fantasies and experiments that run across all spheres of life. It is especially so when it comes to matters concerning of beauty. By the time girls are hitting teenage, thanks to technology; they already know what beauty encompasses. They already know what they need to look like stunning goddesses: eyes like Alicia Keys, lips like Angelina Jolie’s and a bum like Nikki Minaj’s. Hell! These girls even know the kind of lungs they desire. Did I mention intestines?

However, what these classes don’t know is that it takes more than a splash of makeup to look good. Granted, you may know makeup can give you a flawless face despite your acne, but how will you put it together? It is why you need the following tips to make it easier for you.

1. Find out what works for you

Now, when it comes to beauty and fashion, people have different needs. What works for your BFF may not work for you. That fancy hairstyle may be perfect for your skin color, but your head may not be shaped by it. It is why you will need to identify what suits you best. It is only after you identify the clothes that suit your body shape, the best hairstyle for you and best is the one meaningful beauty products for your skin type and tone that you will be able to put together that breathtaking look.

2. Wash your face properly

Now, face washing may look like the easiest task but it is not. It is because it can either break or make your face. If you overly scrub your face with soap and hot water, it will become dry and flaky which is something you don’t want. It is why you should use warm water and a cleanser to massage gently your face every morning and evening. It will ensure your face remains moisturized and acne free. After washing, remember to apply a good moisturizer to keep your face away from dryness.

3. Get remedies for acne

At this stage of life, acne can be a big blow to your self-esteem. However, this should not be an excuse for you to jump on just any solution. It is because at this level, your skin is overly sensitive and any wayward product can irritate it further. It is why you should get help from a dermatologist. The expert will advise you on the best products to use to contain the situation. And no do not open those blackheads.

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4. Use sunscreen

Now that you are keen on being the beautiful purpose to keep it that way for a lifetime. It would be sad if you have this gorgeous skin in your teen years only to have to contend with a darkened and wrinkled one when you are thirty. The possible sun damage to your skin cannot be underestimated. Unless of course you think something that can cause wrinkles, darkening and skin cancer in just a spur of the moment is pretty.

5. Never apply lipstick on cracked lips

Now when you see Angelina Jolie with that beautiful pout, it is not just because she applied lipstick. Rather, it is because she took care of her lips. Now even if you applied two million layers of lipstick on your dry and cracked lips, they would still not be smooth. Iy is why you will need to keep exfoliating your lips to keep them flat. Remember to use natural remedies like lemon and honey as they are less likely to have any side effects.

6. Manage your nails

For some reason, teenagers have the tendency to bite on their nails. You may not be an exception. However, this is a habit you should shun as it leaves you with nails that too ugly that they can traumatize anyone who beholds them. It is also the same for those hawk-like toenails. Try to keep you nails short, clean, well cut and nicely filed.

7. Keep it moderate

At this stage in your life it fine for you to experiment with make-up. However, you will not be forgiven for coming out of the house with loud mascara, loud eyeshadow, and loud lipstick, not unless it is Halloween. The point is: you should not heap loads of makeup on your face at once. For instance, if you wear bright lipstick, try to keep your eye makeup down. You can never go wrong with just a little makeup.


During the teen years, beauty is a major concern. All girls want to step out of the house feeling all gorgeous. However, this is a venture that can easily go wrong leaving you looking like a scarecrow. It is why you should follow the tips above to ensure you always turn heads wherever you go: And not for wrong makeup but for makeup impeccably done.




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