How to have a healthy pregnancy is often asked of me since I am a health coach, fitness trainer, transformation specialist, or whatever other title you want to throw out there. I don’t have any children other than the kind with four legs, so I thought why don’t I have my fit, healthy, balanced, and amazing friend, Gail Mitch, tell us about her fit pregnancies?

Gail and I go way back to our days of fitness competitions, which she gets into why that was too extreme and ultimately unhealthy for her. She is the true definition of inspiration.

Episode Topics:

☀️ Intro… tell us more about your background and your fitness journey.

☀️ What advice do you give women who are not-yet-pregnant moms-to-be?

☀️ What advice do you give pregnant moms-to-be?

☀️ What advice would you give to new moms?

☀️ Did you notice any differences between having your first baby and your second baby?

☀️ Are there any other words of wisdom you would like to give moms out there?

☀️ How can the listeners find you? You are always putting out new videos of your adventures in healthy motherhood.