Have you ever wondered what to look for when buying a treadmill or what to know when buying an elliptical machine for your home? Bryan is the owner and operator of Low Country Fitness Equipment & Repair. Don’t let the name fool you though. He can ship fitness equipment to anywhere in the U.S. and is even offering FREE SHIPPING on fitness equipment. He is also offering 20% off of everything on his website until the end of January for his New Year’s Resolution Sale!

Episode Topics:

☀️ Bryan shares how he got into fitness equipment and repairs. Between his training experience and construction experience it seemed like a natural fit.

☀️ I get the question all the time about buying home gym equipment, but to be honest I don’t even know what to look for so that is why I wanted to invite you onto the show. Could you walk us through the buying process?

  1. finding a reputable resale location for your purchase… we will get into the disadvantages of buying equipment from the “big box stores”
  2. the obvious step of deciding which piece of equipment you want and will actually use
  3. consider how much space this piece of equipment is going to take up in your home
  4. the quality of equipment and what kind of maintenance you are going to have to do/have done
  5. your budget…

☀️ How important is it… where/whom you buy your equipment from? Isn’t the most important consideration the brand name? How is say a treadmill from an independent retail location different from a big box store when they are the same brand?

☀️ What are the best fitness equipment brands?

☀️ How big should the roller on the treadmill be?

☀️ Bushings or ball bearings in treadmill.

☀️ Does the treadmill motor size matter?

☀️ Continuous duty treadmill motor.

☀️ What is the difference between continuous and peak?

☀️ How much space do I need around each piece of fitness equipment?

☀️ Where is the best and worst place to store fitness equipment?

☀️ Will sun damage fitness equipment?

☀️ How can I clean my fitness equipment?

☀️ Let’s talk about maintenance. What are some guidelines for a maintenance schedule and how could someone go about finding a good maintenance technician? Outside of the Charleston obviously;-). Charleston fitness equipment repair and maintenance is the easy part!

☀️ Can you give any tips on buying a used piece of fitness equipment?

☀️ Where can someone find more information about Low Country Fitness Equipment and repair services?

Website: http://www.lowcountryfitnessequipment.com/en/

Email: LCFitnessEquipment@gmail.com

Phone: (843) 276-8568