Do you suffer from sciatica? Me too. Well I did for years, but after seeking treatment for my pain, I am feeling much better these days. I can remember the burning sensation that would keep me up at night and my doctors just kept prescribing flexeril, which if you have ever taken that, you may have found yourself slumped in a chair drooling on yourself. I was prescribed 3 per day! Morning, noon, and night. Of course the pain subsided with the pills, but so did just about everything else in my life.

Episode Topics:

☀️ How can muscle activation technique stop pain? Decreasing sciatica without medications is possible. Adam shares his story of how he went from star athlete to completely sidelined with an injury and now back to feeling great and now helping others to do the same.

☀️ Adam shares his secret to consistently living a healthy lifestyle.

☀️ He answers my question of, “how does he differ from a regular personal trainer?”

☀️ Not sure if MAT could help you? He shares with us which kinds of people he sees having the most success.

☀️ He also lets us know his take on the latest and greatest diet and training “secrets” on the market today.

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