When your product is worth every effort, it should be displayed in on the counter or by the register. If that is the case then your product deserves to be show cased in a box that leaves no error in catching the consumer’s eye. The more prominent place product is displayed with very attractive packaging, the more chances are that it will catch the customer’s eye and they will end up buying it. Customboxesinc.com can help you draw positive attention to your merchandise by providing you attractive customized packaged boxes for your product’s display. Here are few way in which you can display your merchandise.

Product Selection

Not all products are meant to be counter displayed. Therefore when you decide to choose an item to display on the counter or next to the register make sure that the item is pretty, useful and seasonal. Something that the consumer would by on the whim.

Methods to Display your Merchandise

There is not certain hard and fast rule for displaying your merchandise. For example, most the time jewelry is displayed on countertop spinner. However on the other hand, bracelets for little girls are display on a cardboard display unit on top of a counter of shelf unit.

Appropriate Display Box Selection

Select the box that is just right for your product. For example, a double wall tuck top box opens and folds into a shape that perfectly holds your merchandise. Customboxesinc.com provides you with boxes of all shapes, sizes and color. On request a header can be printed with your products information.

Design Your Merchandise with Customboxesinc.com

Customboxesinc.com can design you counter display boxes in a way that is eye catching and colorful. The design you choose is completely dependent on what your product is. For example, if your product is something made of ceramics or glass then you should choose classy designs and elegant tones for your packaging box. On the other hand if you are planning to package toys then you would select bright colors for your box. No matter what product you planning to package just keep in mind to choose the appropriate graphics and colors that are suitable to your merchandise, the target market and the store it will go in.  Either you can choose to have one design over your packaging box or you can sue multiple designs with product picture on the counter display box and incorporate it into the overall design.

Selecting Colors

The customer representatives of Customboxesinc.com can help you with the color selection for packaging box depending on your merchandise. It is recommended that you should choose the color of your display box carefully. Color effects can make or break the overall vibe of your product.