Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 9.08.19 AMStop Chasing Skinny Episode #40

Speak Up! How to Handle Food and Lifestyle Critics with Amy Smith

Episode #40 of the Stop Chasing Skinny Podcast is Amy Smith, founder and author of She is a coach, speaker, fellow podcaster, and all around bad ass. She teaches people how to find their voice, and more importantly use their voice to live fuller lives and cut the people pleasing. I’ve invited Amy onto the Stop Chasing Skinny Podcast so she can share some of her insights into how we can get our well-meaning, and sometimes not-so-well-meaning friends, family, co-workers, even random strangers off our backs when it comes to our food, drink, exercise, and other lifestyle choices.

Join us while we talk about WHY people feel compelled to comment on, and even criticize our choices especially when they are not actually impacted by our selections. I mean it’s not like most of us tell others they need to do whatever we are doing.

We talk about some of Amy’s personal nutrition choices that she exercise unapologetically.

We also talk about some situations when people may have something to say and some potential scripts for how to gracefully articulate a response:

☀️Family & friend holiday gatherings…


☀️The Office…

☀️Significant others…

☀️Happy hour…

Specific lines I have heard time and time again:

☀️”You aren’t drinking? Are you even having a good time?”

☀️”… yeah, she is on diet…”

☀️”Come on, have some fun. You deserve it. It isn’t going to ruin you. Just one. You’re no fun…”

☀️”You’re never going to go pro.”

We also cover why we have so much trouble speaking up for ourselves.

How can speaking up for ourselves in this arena extend into speaking up for ourselves in other areas of our lives?

Of course we provide information on how you can find more from Amy.

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