Charleston Pole Fitness

You’ve most likely heard of pole fitness, but have you tried it???

This is by far one of the most fun ways to get fit, look fabulous, and FEEL ALIVE!!!

I had the pleasure of holding an Oblique FitGurls event at Amorous Dance and Pole Fitness and thought I just had to invite the owner and cover model, Tanya Christopher, onto the Stop Chasing Skinny Podcast.

You are going to be surprised at just how many health benefits there are to shaking your tail feather with a group of other fun-loving women. Read the full Oblique Magazine article here and of course listen to the podcast below:).

Listen as we discuss the following topics:

☀️ What are the health benefits of pole fitness?

☀️ What to look for in a pole fitness studio.

☀️ What to expect in a pole fitness class.

☀️ Can I lose weight by doing pole fitness.

☀️ Fun parties and events at pole fitness.

Read full show notes here: