Listen to how Krista went from stay at home mom to hair stylist to trying a few other things and finally found her way to fitness where she currently runs a highly successful bootcamp in Calgary, Canada.

Krista tells us why she loves functional training and HIIT. (HINT: it works!) 

Listen as we discuss the following topics:

☀️ Information overload… navigating the internet.

☀️ Can you really go it alone? The importance of coaching.

☀️ The difference between free workouts and actual coaching.

☀️ Thinking about starting a career in fitness? Where do I even begin?

☀️ Sharing the abundance mentality.

☀️ The wild ride of entrepreneurship… It’s a full contact sport and you gotta have a thick skin and a sick work ethic.

☀️ Hormonal disruptions are like having a virus in your computer or termites in your home… it doesn’t matter what you do on the outside… your programming and foundation are at stake.

☀️ Perfectionism versus consistency.

That’s all I am going to say about this interview because Krista’s energy is contagious and you are going to love listening as much as I enjoyed interviewing!

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