Megan shares with us how she DECREASED the number of hours she worked out and INCREASED her results. As a business owner, mother, wife, and all-around awesome woman, Megan had plenty on her plate and was happy to gain some of her time back to spend doing other things.

Take a listen to Megan’s experience with the SKFitLife Challenge and the SKFitGurls Monthly Membership where we cover:
☀️ Her experience with the SKFitLife Challenge… what she expected… the changes she made… and what she walked away with…
☀️ Megan covers her family dynamic and talks about how her husband changed his entire lifestyle. We also hear how Megan’s positive outlook on her health extends to her beautiful daughters and how her girls are super involved in working out with her and cheering her on.
☀️ Megan also shares tips for families trying to make a change and in particular moms.

☀️ Megan’s recent SI joint issues… something many of us hard-chargers are prone to!

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