We hear day in and day out how stress is harmful to our health. If you are like most people and looking for a way to reduce your stress, you’ve probably tried massage therapy, but have you ever thought about reflexology?

Listen to this Stop Chasing Skinny Podcast where our guest, Traci Ehlers, takes you through what reflexology is and how many health benefits a session can bring you:
☀️ What is reflexology?
☀️ How many different forms are out there and why does Traci chose her specific style?
☀️ What are the health benefits of reflexology?
☀️ Who should have reflexology done and how frequently?
☀️ What should someone look for in finding a reflexology provider?
☀️ For anyone in the Charleston area or visiting the Charleston area, I can’t recommend Traci enough. Her contact information is here:
Website: www.ecohealthwellness.com/massage-therapy/
Email: traciehlerscmt@gmail.com
Phone: 843-327-8989
Read full show notes here: http://www.skfitlife.com/stop-chasing-skinny-episode-29-the-amazing-benefits-of-reflexology/