I spent the second half of 2012 living abroad as an expat in the beautiful country of Costa Rica. Since that time, I have been asked about traveling to and living in Costa Rica on a weekly basis. I decided to answer ALLLLLL of the questions I’ve been asked with the help of my trusty Costa Rican partner-in-adventure, Zoilhy Soto (pronounced soily).

Take a listen to what it was like to live in Costa Rica… the serendipity of how Zoilhy and I met… and all about the 4 months of adventures we had together!

We split this show into 2 types of questions I get…

1.) “I have always wanted to go to Costa Rica but don’t know where to begin.”

2.) “Hey Steph, I’m going to Costa Rica for a wedding/family vacation/something else that has pre-determined the location and time being spent there, and I wanted to see if there are any MUST SEE/DO places/things.”

β˜€οΈ Check out the show notes for all of the fun photos and videos: http://www.skfitlife.com/everything-stop-chasing-skinny-episode-28-you-need-to-know-from-touring-to-relocating-in-costa-rica/