Stop Chasing Skinny Episode #27

Where to Even Begin in Getting Fit. From Size 18 to 8 in 1 Year with Julie Bitner

JJulie Then and Nowulie shares her journey from starting the 12 Week Online SKFitLife Challenge with the primary objective of supporting me, her niece, and ending up transforming in many more ways than expected.

Julie shares what it was like to go from her sedentary, over-worked life to now an active and fit woman who is even preparing to run her first 5K. Julie never thought of herself as a runner and had to start her journey by just walking around the building at lunch.

Take a listen to see how she not only made the change, but has maintained her new healthy ways years later. This is a mindset we can all learn from.


Think you don’t have time for fitness? Listen to how you can get it in where you can fit it in.

Going through a divorce? Listen to how you can make your way through using fitness as a tool for managing the stress and more importantly the emotions. Exercise is the best cure for the anxiety that often accompanies emotional turmoil.

Don’t have a gym membership? Julie doesn’t either. She still makes it happen.

Julie started just ONE WEEK before Thanksgiving. See how she navigated November, December, and January holiday parties!

Read more about Julie here and check out exactly what I mean when I say starting without any fitness or nutrition knowledge is actually a good thing right here.

Think you can’t do it? You can…


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